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See what FreeSky Online is all about!ABOUT FREESKY ONLINE

  • Build A City to Survive!

    There's only so much land left in the world. Can you harvest precious resources from yoursteampunk Cloud and ensure your survival in this harsh and threatening time? Keep your skies safe with wild arrays of aerial defenses.
  • Intense Airship Combat!

    Take to the skies and launch a fleet of Airships in to battle! Epic steampunk designs and classic designs paired with countless crafting possibilities make this the best creative experience online!
  • Advanced Battle System!

    True adventurers are always prepared when it comes to battle in FreeSky Online 2. Get the edge on your opponents by developing a wide array of sciences, building the most powerful Airships, and creating the best fleets around!
  • Special Items!

    Visit the FreeSky Online 2 Mall for incredible deals on powerful tools. Recruit new Captains with Captain Contracts, boost them and your ships with a plethora of Gems, and take your resources to the next level with boosters and bundles!
  • Intense PVP!

    Are you prepared to take on the entire world of FreeSky Online 2? Millions of players are building their fleets and preparing for combat. Take the fight to your enemies before they ambush you!
  • Find Friends In Guilds!

    Feeling alone in the skies? Need some friendly help taking off into the wild blue yonder? Join a Guild today and you can find yourself allied with a brave team of friends out for justice… or perhaps mayhem!
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